Friday, April 17, 2009

Only What is Really Important is Really Important

I let this blog hang for the last year. I didn't care... I didn't want to think about how much I was feeling hurt by the particulars in our lives that ended up destroying our little business in East Stroudsburg. Those who destroyed us didn't care! They still don't care. But, hey, I got over it! At the end of the day we either have to get over it or let it beat us into the ground. I'm not ready for that yet.

As those who know us already know, our brick and mortar store closed last Fall. Local priests were told to remove our store ads from their parish bulletins (some did), and my husband was accused of impersonating a Roman Catholic priest! (Slander is an awful thing coming from religious and clergy.) It goes to show how little of Church history is known by those who SHOULD know it! Joe's a priest, but not a RC priest, and why anyone would want to impersonate one is beyond me! But, there are those who think he ought to be punished for serving as a Celtic Christian priest (Independent Old Catholic)! Oh well, they lost the most in that nasty little attempt to destroy our business of selling religious books and gifts! They lost far more than we. Sad, really.

Yes, we are building the online store up even more, but it's taking a long time. EVERY bit of inventory from our three room shop is piled in our home! So, little by little we are sorting our way through it all, trying to find LIVING ROOM, make some order and get ready to sell it online and in the local flea market (within the month). What a challenge!

Yet, I've come to accept that it has only been that--a challenge. The greatest challenge in one sense--the challenge to love and forgive. And it's a challenge to discover the difference between forgiveness and being stupid enough to ever expect anything different from particular individuals and populations. However, it is NOT the end of the world, and it is not the end of our Rose of Sharon! So much has been slowed by my lack of energy and my personal disabilities. My radio shows have slowed and I'm canceling two of them and keeping two--the ones that are most important to me, The Independent Catholic, and SpiritualiTEA.

And in the midst of all this we are expanding our ministry of Good Tidings to those sexually abused by clergy to include other populations. The fact that this is a necessary ministry is heartbreaking, but too real. We've worked for 26 years with one population and now we are expanding that to others, abused as children or youth as well. In addition, we're working with another spiritual director and reaching out to those who are physically disabled, left to the side too often, who are seeking spiritual direction. SOLACE is what we hope to bring in Christ's Name.

At the end of the day, only what is really important is really important. So, I thank God for reminding me of that, and what it is that is so important--vital, and that is God's Love for each of us. That's what I'm recommitting myself to in this life, just sharing that Good Tidings of great joy! We are loved. There is no reason to hurt others in God's Name!